Volkswagen Sedans That You May Not Have Heard Of


There are not a few sedans in Volkswagen model range. They are not too popular in Europe or North America, but still in-demand in such markets as China.

We can say that the Chinese market is all-consuming, to some extent. Many automakers sell there the models not sold anywhere else. Often several same-class models under the same brand are available on this market.

Sedans are traditionally popular in China. Volkswagen offers many sedan body-styled models there, of which European buyers have not ever heard. What are they?

Volkswagen Santana

You could have vaguely heard about this car. By the way, this low-cost sedan is one of the most popular VW models on the Chinese market.

The model is largely unified with the Skoda Rapid, and even uses components from the models of the 90s for additional price reduction. Looks like it worked out.

Volkswagen Bora

The Bora is the name once known to European buyers. But now its ‘residence’ is China. The car is built on the MQB platform and is larger than the budget Santana.

This sedan is positioned higher than the Santana in the brand line-up,  but still remains a fairly inexpensive car. The model is mainly targeted to young customers.

Volkswagen Sagitar

Everything is simple here: the Sagitar is a localized and rebadged Volkswagen Jetta. Not so long ago, the model left the European market, so as not to compete with the Passat in conditions of the growing popularity of crossovers.

In China, however, sedans are still popular, so soon the new Sagitar, which looks exactly like the North American Jetta, will come to the Chinese market. It’ll appeal to the still young, but already more respectable buyers.

Volkswagen Lavida

It should be noted that in China Volkswagen chooses rather bold perturbations in terms of the local models ancestry. Previously, the Lavida was a car more budget and quite compact.

Today the model has acquired an elegant look of a four-door coupe and has become more high-quality.

Upper picture: 2019 Volkswagen Jetta

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