Volkswagen Declares Ambition Of A Tesla Killer


The Volkswagen Group promises to offer electric vehicles as good as Tesla’s for half the price by 2020. In electrification effort the carmaker goes after the Tesla and considers the American brand to be its main rival in EV segment.

VV’s CEO Herbert Diess made comments on the company’s ZDF program and told about electrification plans. They invested €300 billion in electric mobility. The plant in Zwickau has been re-focused to EV production.

The automaker is building one more factory in Shanghai  All these efforts are aimed at providing competitive electric cars, cheaper than Teslas, within the next two years.

The first in the line of the ‘Tesla killers’ will be the I.D. Concept (pictured) expectedly named Neo. VW hopes I’ll be able to challenge the Tesla Model 3 and Model X.

The car is expected to go on sale in the European and Chinese markets in 2020 and then appear in North America. Its estimated cost will be €25,000-28,000.

The upcoming VW model’s driving range should be 250 miles / 402 km (NEDC) like presumably the Modes 3’s.

The plans are really ambitious, aren’t they? To date seem not so easy to fulfill. Will monitor their implementation…

Source: Electrek

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  • Why are you saying they are “not so easy to fulfill”? Because Tesla has had issues? VW knows how to engineer, design and produce cars – unlike Elon, they have been at it a while…

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