Why Doesn’t Toyota Rush To Make Electric Cars? – Three Reasons Explained


At the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, Gerald Killman, Toyota’s Vice President of Research & Development, has explained why this large Japanese automaker does not want to switch to electric vehicles production like other manufacturers. According to him, in this way the company seeks to … produce more green cars. Toyota’s spokesman revealed three reasons why they don’t follow the global

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Toyota Announced Prices For Entire 2019 Model Range For USA


Toyota has published a price list for all vehicles of the 2019 model year, which are currently sold in the United States. The Japanese automaker detailed the prices of its products for all offered versions of each model. SUVs (off-road vehicles, crossovers):  Toyota Land Cruiser – $84,765; Toyota Sequoia – from $48,700 to $67,535; Toyota 4Runner –  $34,910 from to

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Toyota Announced Specs And Prices Of New Hybrid RAV4 For British Market


Toyota has announced specifications and prices of the all-new RAV4 for the British car market. The first vehicles will arrive to dealers from February 2019, but customers can already place their pre-orders. The front-wheel drive cars will be available for buyers from April 1, the all-wheel drive models follow from May. The 5th-generation 2019 Toyota RAV4 is built on a

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