Why Doesn’t Toyota Rush To Make Electric Cars? – Three Reasons Explained


At the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, Gerald Killman, Toyota’s Vice President of Research & Development, has explained why this large Japanese automaker does not want to switch to electric vehicles production like other manufacturers. According to him, in this way the company seeks to … produce more green cars. Toyota’s spokesman revealed three reasons why they don’t follow the global

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Only Two Hundred Hydrogen Powered Vehicles Have Been Sold In Europe In 2018


According to the sales results in the European car market just over two hundred hydrogen powered vehicles have been sold in 2018, EAFO reports. Only three models with hydrogen-fueled engines are presently sold in Europe: the Toyota Mirai sedan, the Hyundai ix35 crossover, and the Renault Kangoo van. Only the Mirai (pictured) of this trio was designed from the very

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