Porsche Panamera & Mercedes-Benz CLS Will Have A New Rival From BMW

BMW 8-Series Gran Coupe

BMW is testing the BMW 8-Series Gran Coupe four-door version to market in mid-2019. It’ll follow a two-door coupe and a convertible. When the model arrives, it will be a direct rival for the Mercedes-Benz CLS and Porsche Panamera. Car paparazzi shot the prototypes in scant camouflage.  The 8-Series Gran Coupe will take the place of the old 6-Series Gran

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Uber Wants To Restart Testing Self-driving Cars On Public Roads  

After a fatal accident in spring 2018 in Arizona, when an Uber-owned autonomous vehicle killed a pedestrian, this ride-sharing company is now ready to resume testing self-driving cars on public roads. Two human backup drivers will sit in each Uber’s vehicle. All on-board autonomous systems will be constantly engaged. When the self-driving car killed the woman pedestrian in the USA

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