Hyundai Kona Electric Won Battle For Range And Efficiency In Real Conditions

Italian experts from Motor1 made drive tests of six all-electric models to measure range and efficiency in real road conditions. They wanted to check which distance the vehicles would be able to travel until their batteries completely discharged. Unexpectedly, the Hyundai Kona Electric won this battle. Before to run, all selected zero-emission cars were given a full 100% charge. The

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Which Used EVs Are Best For Purchase: TOP 10 Rating

Renault ZOE

Journalists of the British magazine What car? have ranked the TOP 10 best used electric vehicles, in their opinion. Over the past 10 years, automakers have been improving electric cars in terms of their driving range, battery capacity, comfort, controllability and hi-tech features. EV sales steadily grow, that means increase of offers on the secondary market. 10. Volkswagen e-Up A

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Battle Of Electric Cars In Europe: Nissan Leaf Has Become A Best Seller

The launch of the second-generation Nissan Leaf spurred more interest in the popular electric vehicle. Having overtaken Renault ZOE, the Japanese model became the best seller in Europe. During 2018, the Europeans have already purchased 28,456 units of the Nissan Leaf. The last year leader Renault ZOE currently stands at 23,929 units, according to the data of the European Alternative

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