Best EVs With Longest Operating Range For Money: Ranking


When making a decision to buy an electric car people look at its price, driving range, efficiency, performance, safety. A price/range ratio is crucial for choice too. Experts ranked the best EVs of the 2019 model year with the longest operating range for the money. InsideEVs journalists picked affordable new electric vehicles taking into account their cost-to-range ratio. They divided

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Mercedes-Benz GLC And Cadillac XT5 Have Become The Leaders Of The American Premium Mid-Size SUV Segment


The Mercedes-Benz GLC and Cadillac XT5 have become the leaders of the premium mid-size SUV segment in the market of the USA. For now this segment is the largest, youngest, and most growing among premium SUVs, taking into account that most models in the list have debuted or have been refreshed in the past 2 years. Sales grew by almost

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