Porsche Taycan Passes Final Tests Before Launch Into Production

Porsche Taycan

Porsche’s first all-electric sports car, the Taycan, is undergoing final road tests in diаferent parts of the globe at temperatures from -35°C to +50°C. For checking driving dynamics in snow and ice, the Porsche Taycan is being tested in Scandinavia near the Arctic Circle. At the same time, in South Africa engineers of the company are conducting performance tests. In

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Porsche Taycan Gathered Over 20,000 Pre-Orders Long Before Its Debut


Not still introduced to the public but long-awaited and much spoken about, the first all-electric Porsche called Taycan is drawing customer’s attention worldwide. More than 20,000 people have joined a list of prospective buyers. The model will go on sale in late 2019. At the Geneva Motor Show taking place these days, Porsche spokesman has confirmed that already over 20,000

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