Jaguar Launches All-new Pet Products In Time For Christmas


Jaguar launches a new range of products for pets in time for Christmas. They are designed for comfort and convenience of four-legged friends of motorists-owners of a Jaguar vehicle. Individual packs include bespoke vehicle accessories from a bowl to a foldable carrier priced from $338. They are available now across Jaguar’s range – the Pace family, XE, XF. There is

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Jaguar Plans To Become An All-Electric Brand Like Tesla


Global automakers continue developing electric vehicles. Some of them, like Jaguar, plan to completely abandon models with internal combustion engines. Jaguar considers a scenario of becoming a producer of only EVs, like Tesla. A strategic plan has been developed for this. According to the plan, traditional vehicles with ICE are to be replaced by all-electric ones in the model range

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