Why Doesn’t Toyota Rush To Make Electric Cars? – Three Reasons Explained


At the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, Gerald Killman, Toyota’s Vice President of Research & Development, has explained why this large Japanese automaker does not want to switch to electric vehicles production like other manufacturers. According to him, in this way the company seeks to … produce more green cars. Toyota’s spokesman revealed three reasons why they don’t follow the global

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Best EVs With Longest Operating Range For Money: Ranking


When making a decision to buy an electric car people look at its price, driving range, efficiency, performance, safety. A price/range ratio is crucial for choice too. Experts ranked the best EVs of the 2019 model year with the longest operating range for the money. InsideEVs journalists picked affordable new electric vehicles taking into account their cost-to-range ratio. They divided

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Pros & Cons Of Car Powertrains On Sale

Each type of car powertrains has weak and strong points. Most motorists drive gasoline/petrol- or diesel-powered vehicles with an internal-combustion engine (ICE). Environmentally friendly green cars (hybrid, fuel-cell, electric-only) gain popularity, while automakers electrify their model ranges. What are the pros and cons of electrified vehicles and regular ones driven by ICEs? Let’s briefly consider Powertrains On Sale Internal-combustion Engine

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Porsche Quickly Expands Charging Service In Europe

Porsche Charging Service

Porsche expands its charging service for plug-in hybrid and all-electric vehicles. The Porsche Charging Service digital platform is now available in 12 European countries. Five countries – France, Great Britain, Italy, Norway and Spain – have recently joined to Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands and Finland. Now the Porsche Charging Service platform covers over 49,000 charging points. The

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