Copper And Electric Cars: Why The Metal Is Essential To EV Technology?


Copper is used throughout electric cars, charging stations and supporting infrastructure. In this article we’re briefly telling about why this metal is essential to EV technology and important for the future electric mobility. Copper is durable, highly conductive, efficient, plastic, resistant to corrosion, convenient for use in various alloys, relatively easy to mine. It is applied for production of electrical

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American Experts Called TOP 10 Countries – Contributors To Electric Mobility


The fifth annual ‘TOP 10 Countries in the Global EV Revolution’ ranking has been recently published by InsideEVs. The results are based on the market analysis for 2018. We are surprised with some countries getting on the list. Each country got its total score, which is multi-sided and comprises several factors, in particular, such as the level of demand, the

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Why Doesn’t Toyota Rush To Make Electric Cars? – Three Reasons Explained


At the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, Gerald Killman, Toyota’s Vice President of Research & Development, has explained why this large Japanese automaker does not want to switch to electric vehicles production like other manufacturers. According to him, in this way the company seeks to … produce more green cars. Toyota’s spokesman revealed three reasons why they don’t follow the global

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Best EVs With Longest Operating Range For Money: Ranking


When making a decision to buy an electric car people look at its price, driving range, efficiency, performance, safety. A price/range ratio is crucial for choice too. Experts ranked the best EVs of the 2019 model year with the longest operating range for the money. InsideEVs journalists picked affordable new electric vehicles taking into account their cost-to-range ratio. They divided

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