Uber Wants To Restart Testing Self-driving Cars On Public Roads  

After a fatal accident in spring 2018 in Arizona, when an Uber-owned autonomous vehicle killed a pedestrian, this ride-sharing company is now ready to resume testing self-driving cars on public roads. Two human backup drivers will sit in each Uber’s vehicle. All on-board autonomous systems will be constantly engaged. When the self-driving car killed the woman pedestrian in the USA

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BMW Doubts Fully Autonomous Vehicles Will Ever Be Permitted

autonomous vehicles

Governments may not allow fully autonomous vehicles on the roads, according to BMW’s special representative in the UK, Ian Robertson. Even if the governments say ‘ok’, the regulators, when studying all the circumstances, will curtail, the top manager believes. People will always be responsible for life-and-death decisions. Even though the car is more than capable of taking an algorithm to

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