Journalists Shared Their First Impressions Of The Audi E-tron SUV


The Audi e-tron all-electric crossover will enter the market next year. The automaker held its large-scale presentation in the UAE. Journalists could appreciate the e-tron after a 250-mile run through the desert. The route started from an eco-oasis in Masdar City and passed by camel farms and sand dunes. A group of journalist took part in the race. Power comes

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Audi Made Rigorous Test For E-tron In Desert

Audi e-tron

The Audi e-tron crossover has been tested on some of the toughest landscapes of our planet – the salt plains of Namibia. The prototype demonstrated powerful traction, impressive dynamics and excellent stability on various terrains. Audi carried out the tests on a dried salt lake in the Kalahari Desert, where they assessed how the car accelerates.on rugged terrain in controlled drift.

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