5 Electric SUVs Tested In Cold: Real Range And Consumption Results


Inquisitive Norwegian experts from the Norsk elbilforening Association conducted their next experiment. This time they took five popular all-electric SUVs to make comparative road tests in winter conditions. Winter in Norway is really frosty. So it was interesting to see how the EVs behave in cold and how much their real figures differ from those declared by manufacturers. Five long-range

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Tesla Model X Won Battle Of Efficiency Vs Audi E-tron And Jaguar I-Pace


A car rental company from Germany made an interesting test. Three electric vehicles – Tesla Model X, Audi e-tron and Jaguar I-Pace were taken to check which of them would demonstrate the best efficiency in equalized road conditions. The all-electric SUVs – Tesla Model X 90D (90kWh battery), Audi e-tron (95kWh) and the Jaguar I-Pace (90kWh) – participated in a

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