Range-topping Nissan Leaf E-Plus Will Cost $5,500 More Than Base Model

The prices for the range-topping Nissan Leaf E-Plus have become known. The most expensive version with a larger 60-kWh battery will cost $5,500 more than the base model in the United States. It goes on sale in January 2019.

The entry S trim level will cost about $36,385 before incentives ($28,885 with tax credit). The mid-level SV will be priced at $38,855, the high-end SL trim level is expected to start at $42,595.

The Leaf E-Plus is able to run about 320-360 km without recharging. The output has been enlarged from 149 to 200 hp. The car got a faster 22-kW charger.

For today the main rival of the E-Plus in the US car market is the Chevrolet Volt EV with 380-km driving range, which costs $37,500.

The base Tesla Model 3 with a 50-kWh battery providing 350 km of a single-charge run will be a competitor for the long-range Nissan too, when it arrives. Tesla starts its production in the first half of next year. Its price will be from $35,000 – cheaper that the Nissan’s.

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