Production Of New Volkswagen Golf Will Start In June 2019

A new eighth-generation Volkswagen Golf will be launched into mass production in the early summer of next year. Meanwhile, the automaker has published the first official designer sketch of the product.

Change of generations of popular models, naturally, causes a great interest. The publication of even a vague design sketch of the new Volkswagen Golf immediately has become a noticeable event only because it is the first official image of an European bestseller in its next iteration.

More significant is the information on the date of commencement of series production scheduled for June 2019

This means that the Golf Mk8 ceases to be a secret within a few months, and officially it will be presented, apparently, at the motor show in Frankfurt in September next year.

As usual, a couple of months after the premiere customers will be able to order the car. We suppose that the first deliveries to dealers will begin in November-December 2019.

Speaking about the new car, Karlheinz Hell, VW’s Responsible for Series Group Compact, said that the next Golf would introduce the company into the era of interconnected vehicles with enhanced autonomous control functions. Simply put, the model will be crammed with electronics like never before in its history.

Another important innovation will be the use of 48-volt mild-hybrid systems that save fuel and add traction during acceleration.

Speaking of the basic Golf hatchback, the whole family is meant. The company has already confirmed the development of the next-generation plug-in-hybrid Golf GTE. Certainly, there will be a wagon, sports modifications of the Golf GTI and Golf R.

Interestingly, an all-electric version of the e-Golf is questionable. Most likely, the model will not be developed for the eighth generation.

Instead, VW engineers will focus on a completely new family of electric cars under the I.D. index. They even develop a separate platform for EVs.

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