European EV market TOP 5 Leaders By Countries: Norway Is Far Ahead

According to the latest data of EAFO (European Alternative Fuels Observatory) the countries of Northern Europe dominate in the EV market of Europe. Almost half the market (46.6%) belongs to Norway, a little country with large peculiarities. With a big gap Norway is followed by Iceland with 15.02% of the electric vehicle market share, Sweden (5.86%), Finland (4.65%) and the

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Military Men Called 5 Civil Off Road Vehicles Valued In The Army


In the Armed Forces of Ukraine civilian vehicles are widely used, including off road ones. We’ve conducted our own little research and found out which off road SUVs are most valued by Ukrainian military men. For obvious reasons, we cannot name the category of respondents, but, firstly, they are military personnel, and, secondly, the number of answers received is quite

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