The Tesla Pickup Truck Will Park And Lower The Doors On Its Own


Elon Musk has revealed some details about the electric pick-up Tesla. The standard equipment of the Tesla pickup truck will include a dual-motor all-wheel drive with a very high ‘crazy’ torque and a special suspension that dynamically adjusts for load. The massive electric vehicle’s insane towing capacity will be up to 150 tons. In addition, the cargo platform door will

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Ford Will Fight Against Potholes On Roads


Bad roads are not only discomfort, but also damage to running gear. Are there solutions to this problem? An innovative Ford’s system of protection against potholes, possibly, will become one of them. The American automaker proposed technology for recognizing potholes. In short, it is following: 12 sensors detect the moment when the wheel falls into the pit; adaptive suspension adjusts

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The New Range-Topping Toyota Corolla hatchback Will Be Available With Four-Wheel Drive


Toyota has unveiled a new-generation Corolla hatchback for the Japanese market – the range-topping Toyota Corolla Sport. The model is offered with two powertrains (hybrid and turbo) and two drive options (front and all-wheel). The new Corolla Sport is built on the Toyota’s latest TNGA platform, which enables a lower center of gravity and fun-to-drive dynamics. It features a new

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