New Digital Functions Of Porsche 911: What Are They?


The eighth-generation Porsche 911, which has recently debuted, is a combination of a classic sports car and modern digital features.

Retaining the unique Porsche style, the new car has become more muscular. It got a 10.9-inch touchscreen, intelligent controls and chassis elements, as well as innovative driver assistance systems.

Porsche has refined the next-generation opposite six-cylinder turbo motors and made them more powerful. The S models generate 331 kW (450 hp) now. Power is transmitted through a new eight-speed double-clutch gearbox.

Other important elements of the new 911 are a Porsche Wet mode, which improves safety on wet roads, and a night vision assistant with a thermal imager.  It is worth mentioning the connectivity and communication systems which use swarm intelligence.

The list of the 911’s systems and functions also includes three exclusive digital functions. They are Porsche 360+, the Porsche Impact web calculator of emissions that helps to neutralize traces of CO2, and Porsche Road Trip for extraordinary travels.

Porsche 360+

The Porsche 360+ personal assistant performs every day and unusual demands around the clock. Today, the Porsche 360+ mobile app is a pilot project offered on the iOS platform only for owners of the 911 for 99 euros a month. But potentially this product is not only for owners of Porsche cars.

The Porsche 360+ mobile application combines all important information on the control panel. It allows to track and control queries, as well as to access the assistance guidance.

Customers can not only monitor the status of their request, but also use the program to communicate with the personal assistant through messages, emails or calls,  and transfer information to them by downloading photos.

In addition, Porsche 360+ offers interesting ideas and services in various categories. For example, professional hand washing of a car in a place the client chooses. The digital assistant will also inform you of the best restaurants and hotels.

The users will receive exclusive bonuses: an access to selected business clubs (conference rooms at airports, in partucular). You can download Porsche 360+ for iOS from App Store.

Source: Porsche

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