Journalists Praised The Sound Of Future BMW X3 M’s Engine

A hot BMW X3 M crossover has been photographed by spies during test runs at the Nürburgring. In addition to the impressive dynamics, the long-awaited vehicle demonstrated a great sporty “voice”.

In this new video from Automotive Mike, we see that the BMW X3 M is going through several laps around the Nürburgring.

It looks great! BMWBlog journalists shared their impressions. The standard BMW X3 is a beautiful SUV, but the X3 M looks wonderful and sounds even better.

The BMW X3 M will receive a new S58 engine – this is the version of the excellent B58 unit from the M Division. The latter is currently used in most cars codenamed 40i.

They say that the new S58 produces 450 hp, which is more than enough. Sound coming from this new engine is such as that of the in-line six. Admittedly, the quality of the sound in this video is not high, since the filming came from afar, and there are other noisy cars present.

We can add that BMW has introduced the new-generation BMW X3 in summer. It will be the first in the history of the model to get the performance M version.

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