Jaguar I-Pace Is Not Going to “Kill” Tesla

Jaguar I-Pace

The 2019 Jaguar I-Pace is the first electric car with a long driving range that might be compared to a Tesla. But the British carmaker itself doesn’t consider it to be a “Tesla Killer” as some people call this car.

Is it the killer or not? This is a disputable matter.

According to JLR vice-president Stuart Schorr, the company’s purpose is to attract more shoppers day by day who will strive having a EV in their ownership. This high-end electric car is aimed to draw the customer’s attention towards electrification, rather than to rival with Tesla.

Some people, while choosing an electric car, will fix on a Tesla vehicle. But other might wish to use something different, and the I-Pace could be a good alternative with its bright design and the brand’s reputation.


…The point is not to kill anything but to contribute to the electric car movement. And Jaguar is on board.

His words echo with the opinion of Dr. Ziebart, Jaguar’s technical design director, who previously served at Infineon (supplier of chips for battery control) and BMW. He believes that cars like the Tesla Model S and emerging luxury EVs from German manufacturers have some advantages not limited with zero emissions and sustainability. It is about a driving fun, long service intervals and not-to-go to the gas station.

To his mind, electric vehicles are more comfortable and smoother, with endless power, and ICEs are “a step backward.” First created as eco-friendly city cars for stop-and-go driving, EVs have become then high-performance luxury automobiles, thanks to Tesla and others. The torque of an electric motor is better controlled than that of a combustion engine.

The I-Pace is tuned for smoothness rather than acceleration. The company’s engineers softened the acceleration instead of making it sharper. Even in a current mild form the 400-hp I-Pace gathers speed from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds. In future Jaguar may speed up the accelerator response.

Source: InsideEVs

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  • With its base of $74,000 , and its true price of less than $77,000, this is a screaming bargain compared to anything Tesla is selling. This car deserves to kill a lot of tesla vehicles, which are now second rate in terms of just about everything – driving ranges,
    battery recharge times, pleasurable driving, ability to perform what an SUV SHOULD be able to carry out, but which Tesla’s Y (considered the most unreliable car on the planet, except for the Model 3) cannot do. Jaguar is plnning a peformance version and is capable of running 1.8 60 runs, faster (BY FAR) than any Tesla vehicle. There is no longer nay reason to put up with a consumer-unfriendly company run by a moron
    who belongs in prison. This car can kill several Tesla vehicles , on price alone.

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