Hyundai Motor Wants To Equip Cars With Solar Panels From Next Year

Hyundai Motor will equip Hyundai and Kia cars with solar panels from 2019. The company wants to achieve the best environmental performance with their help.

Automakers of premium and high-cost models have long been using in-car solar panels. For example,  to ventilate and cool the interior while the vehicle is parked.

Solar batteries are rare in the mass car segment. Hyundai Motor promises making them common. Next year panoramic roofs with a built-in solar battery will be included in the equipment of Hyundai and Kia hybrid vehicles.

Then models with internal combustion engines and electric powertrains get solar panels as well. The latter will receive the most advanced systems. Solar panels will be built not only in the roof, but in the hood too.

Solar panels help reduce harmful emissions. In many countries, including South Korea itself, authorities systematically force manufacturers to bare additional expense to shorten CO2, NO and other toxic exhausts. So, VW, Daimler, Renault-Nissan, Suzuki and Hyundai decided to turn to solar panels.

Now Koreans are developing a technology for mass production of solar panels to cut net cost. In several years, the Hyundai Solaris and Kia Rio will save fuel using solar energy. But the first to receive solar panels will be rather expensive hybrid models.

According to the calculations of developers, in clear summer weather traction batteries of hybrid vehicles can be charged by 30-60% per day only thanks to natural light. As for traditional models with ICEs, solar energy lets them reduce the load on the generator, and fuel consumption in this way will slightly decrease.

In electric cars, solar panels will provide additional millage of driving range. Next year Hyundai Motor will present the first production models with solar batteries.

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