EVs With Worst Reliability: TOP 5 Headed By Tesla X


The latest Consumer Reports reliability survey gives us some idea of where automakers are at heading into 2019. It is based on opinion of quite a large number of car owners. The plug-in electric models, which collected more complains, entered the TOP 5 rating of the worst for reliability.

5. Tesla Model S

Predicted reliability: Below average

Though for 2018 the car had an excellent reliability score, Consumer Reports could not recommend it for 2019. Reason: troubles with power equipment, suspension, body hardware and body integrity.

4. Chevrolet Volt

Predicted reliability: Below average

This long-range model got only a 32% reliability score. For comparison: ranked the best Toyota Prius Prime and BMW i3 plug-in hybrids have 91% and 89% accordingly. Reason: complaints to drive system, power equipment and cabin electronics.

3. Ford Focus Electric

Predicted reliability: Poor

The model turned out to be the most troublesome car of the decade. Over the years, owners reported problems with body hardware, drive system, motor, cabin electronics, nameplate’s transmission, power equipment.

2. Honda Clarity

Predicted reliability: Poor

Honda launched fully electric, PHEV and FCEV modifications of the Clarity for 2018. As it happens quite often, all-new models tend to have issues.

Owners complained about troubles with warning lights (on/off without reason), cabin temperature sensor and key fob. The reliability score is only 16%, that it too low even for the worst vehicles.

1. Tesla Model X

Predicted reliability: Poor

Previously the car had the rating below average. Now with its 13% overall score it gains the title of the lowest-ranked passenger vehicle on the US car market.

Problems reported: cabin electronics, drive system, body integrity, climate control. Only a heavy-duty Ram pickup truck scored lower in the owner survey for 2019.

We’d like to add that this rating concerns only reliability. Owner satisfaction in general with a brand or a model can remain high.

Source: CheatSheet

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