Driverless EV From Audi Successfully Passed Its First Test

Audi is on the way to autonomous mobility. It has just completed a successful testing of the Pop.Up Next flying taxi concept. Being a quarter-scale model so far, it, nonetheless, flew and drove by itself.

It was a test of the modular system held at Drone Week in Amsterdam. Audi has been working on the project in partnership with Airbus and Italdesign.

Testers used a quadcopter, which carried a little two-passenger electric vehicle through the air. After landing, the quadcopter detaches the car which then autonomously delivers passengers to their destination.

The conditions were not quite real, as a 1:4 scale model was taken. Concepts and interpretations of different components were involved in the tests.

The flight module (a quadcopter) was transporting the ground module (a self-driving electric car), then placed and released it. The ground module afterwards left the testing site itself.

There is an obvious progress in the project, as well as still much work to do to create a full-fledged flying taxi, which will autonomously transfer passengers around the city and without a hitch operate together with the quadcopter.

Audi promises to make such a system workable in as little as 10 years. But there is no estimated as to arrival of the Pop.Up Next’s production versions. It’ll probably depend on a full-size prototype performance, which is the next step in the process.

Source: Audi

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