BMW X5 And X7 Have Been Awarded By Carwow


Two BMW models – new X5 and X7 – have won annual Car of the Year awards from Carwow. The X5 got the “Technology Award”, the X7 is titled as the “Most Wanted”.

Carwow is a British comparison site helping people get a great deal on a new car from a trustworthy dealer. It has recently hosted the Car of the Year contest which gives out awards to models in various categories and selects one overall winner.

The BMW X5 won the “Technology Award” for its innovative easy-to-use iDrive. This model is the first BMW’s car on sale with such a system. It provides many means of interaction, including voice commands and Gesture Control.

The BMW X7 has become the winner in the “Most Wanted” category. Over the past few months it received more viewership at Carwow than other cars on sale.

Interestingly, just two BMW models earned rewards, and both are the largest SUVs of the Bavarian brand. Massive vehicles are in demand in the USA. So, these models have good prospects in the North American market.


Sadly, the 3-Series or M cars remained without awards….

Source: BMWBlog
Upper picture: BMW X7

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