Audi Made Rigorous Test For E-tron In Desert

Audi e-tron

The Audi e-tron crossover has been tested on some of the toughest landscapes of our planet – the salt plains of Namibia.

The prototype demonstrated powerful traction, impressive dynamics and excellent stability on various terrains. Audi carried out the tests on a dried salt lake in the Kalahari Desert, where they assessed how the car accelerates.on rugged terrain in controlled drift.

Porous and solid surface with fine-grained gravel provided a low friction coefficient – optimal conditions for rigid tests.

With quattro electric all-wheel drive, electronic stabilizer, dynamic engine control and standard air suspension, e-tron has demonstrated not only good off-road driving, but also excellent handling.

Audi e-tron during tests in Namibia

The ground clearance can be increased by 50 mm (2.0 inches) with a simple push of a button. In a power boost mode, electric motors provide up to 408 hp (300 kW) and a maximum torque of 664 Nm (490 lbft).

quattro electric drive of the new generation

The new quattro drive provides continuous and variable traction distribution between two axles. To assess the situation, the system needs 0.5 seconds – much faster than with the usual quattro technology.

Such a reaction rate is due to the fact that in all-electric drive the mechanical coupling is not engaged, and the power is distributed directly. Therefore, even with sudden changes in friction coefficient and extreme driving situations, the maximum efficiency and complete quattro drive performance are guaranteed.

The Jaguar I-Pace has a serious competitor

It has now become apparent that the Jaguar I-Pace has got a dangerous rival. As we’ve already mentioned, the Tesla Model X is not a competitor to the UK electric crossover.

Jaguar I-Pace

Jaguar does not conceal they are not going to challenge the five Tesla products. The Model X, albeit called ‘crossover’, is the car for highways.

2017 Tesla Model X

Another thing is the Audi e-tron. Recent tests have clearly shown that the German EV SUV is not inferior to the I-Pace by its dynamic and off-road performance.

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